Corporate Events. 


If you're a business in Houston wanting to host either a public event, or one for your employees, they probably come with a set of goals you need to achieve. Whether thats boosting employee morale, introducing your product or service to the market, or trying to get a bit of press. Our team of certified event professionals are here to assist every step of the way!

Holiday Parties

By far, there is not an easier way to reward your team for a year's worth of hard work than throwing them a Holiday Party! (And we love to plan them!) We'll assist you with finding a venue, staying on budget, scheduling and attending vendor appointments, tastings, and a whole lot more. 

The best part is we're onsite for most of the day to ensure everything is set up and everything gets broken down correctly, so you actually get to "celebrate well" with your team! 

Groundbreaking Ceremonies

When the excitement for a new project is too intense to wait until a grand opening, that's when groundbreaking ceremonies are the perfect way to let the public know about your new business or your expansion. 

You need more than a sandbox, shovel, and camera to ensure your groundbreaking ceremony is a success, and that is where we come in! We'll navigate all of the appropriate vendors to ensure your groundbreaking ceremony is a success, so you can stay focused on the foundation of your new venture! 

Grand Openings

IMake an impact with your new business or location by hosting a Grand Opening in Houston produced by Gray & Associates Events! We can asisst with media releases, social media invitations, and securing distinguished guests in most cases. 


We'll work with you on coming up with an event that protects your brand messaging and has the opportunity to reach the most people. Contact us today and get your business started right! 

Open Houses 

Houston Realtors! Our favorite events to plan are Open Houses and Brokers' Opens! If you've got a hot new listing that you're just dying to show off, let us put it on the pedastool it deserves! We'll handle the invites, the buzz, the food, the theme, EVERYTHING! 


You and your team just sit back and do what you do best, close, close, close!